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Techbizzy is wonderful bay of business and service be it any media and medium.

Techbizzy is wonderful bay of business and service be it any media and medium. We have mission to transform your vision. 

Verified Buyers and Suppliers
TechBizzy is commited to offer you the maximum return on your investment in B2B marketing package. We give you only verified buyers for your product category, so that you don't have to waste time in contacating excess number of irrelavent inquiries. TechBizzy is the only company which provides replacement guarntee if buyer is not from the relavent product category.

We are partnered with logistics based agencies who has reckoned name in market. In any corner of India, if you need reliable and fast cargo logistics transport services, call our experienced team. Transportation cost is the cost which can’t be ignored. Cost cutting is ensured when you are entering in contract through techbizzy

Recruitment support
Right candidate at right time at right place, is good for business in every aspect. We are helping hand for finding “Right Candidate.” We offer staffing services and back office system for your business Now you don’t have to invest money by building whole HR Department. TechBizzy will provide direct resume of candidate which meet your requirements. We will churn the best from them at our end, so you can save your time and money and focus on your business.

Import and Export Support
India has a huge number of potential exporter companies but due to the lack of proper support in documentation and marketing, our businesses are not able to cross the borders. TechBizzy is keen to fulfil this vaccum. We will assist you in documentations and legal procedures related to import and export. We will provide you details of buyers/sellers in foreign countries related to your product category.

Digital Marketing
If you want to sustain in the market, you must have strong online presence of your brand. Search Engine optimization, user experience, research, web design, advertising, Facebook campaigns, Twitter updates, real-time listening and responses as a unified set of strategies that stem from one overarching brand strategy. TechBizzy is your companion to set them up and get your brand going.

Domain and hosting services
Domain and hosting services are a real burden if you are a stranger for technology. You don't have to deal with multiple companies for these services if you are a TechBizzy customer. We will help you to get registered your domain hustle free. And risk free. We will research for your brand to get the domain set the hosting and go the large world of digital marketing.

Graphic designing
There are thousands of ready to go templates available for designing, but we create personalised designs that super suits your business.  TechBizzy will create posters, logo, banner, video editing, catalogue, brochure that will link with your business for visual communication. We will help you to communicate your ideas through typography, imagery, color and form.

SEO and SMO services
Without strong SEO and SMO your website is of no use. You have to beautify your website with fragrance of SEO and SMO. Your google rank does matters when people finding solution of their problems. Content build with accurate SEO and SMO will rock your website to grab new clientele. It cost arm and leg to make your website SEO friendly.

Social Media campaigns
You have to ditch traditional way of marketing to sustain in the competition. Your company is nowhere, if your company is not active in social media. TechBizzy handles your social media wisely to make your neat image where community talks while typing. We provide 24*7 support to respond every tweet on twitter, every post on facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, We will pin your post on pinterest, we will uplift your image among your linked connections. 

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing on popular platforms like google and facebook is trending in current times. To get business from such sources, we have to prepare a proper marketing ad campaign in a professional way. TechBizzy has an experienced team to help boost your business through these platforms.

All these services are available in affordable cost, so that every business can benefit from it. Visit TechBizzy to get started.